18 X 24 INCHES

William Acheff

b. 1947

William Acheff brilliantly captures the illusory qualities and lifelike perfection that is demanded in a classic trompe l'oeil painting. His realistic compositions often reflect the distinctive influences of Native American cultures and of the Southwest, where he makes his home.

From an early age, Acheff had an interest in painting. Though he studied art in high school, he never dreamed of becoming a painter. It was not until several years later, while working as a barber in his California salon, that Acheff had the opportunity to meet the Italian artist, Roberto Lupetti. The Italian awakened Acheff's interest in art once again. He soon began an intense European-style apprenticeship with Lupetti, spending five days a week for six months studying with the Italian master. Acheff's lifelong interest became a passion.

In 1973, Acheff moved to Taos, New Mexico, to separate himself from the influences of his teacher. It was in Taos that Acheff found his niche.

Acheff, who is of Alaskan Athabascan heritage, has a special affinity for the historical and cultural artifacts that he chooses to paint. The appealing forms and designs of the Indian pots and artifacts are intertwined with Acheff's preference for painting textures from nature. The vintage photographs that often appear in Acheff's compositions help the artist set a mood. Each article in relation to the others becomes integral to the composition as a whole. The results are mesmerizing works of striking beauty.

William Acheff has achieved great distinction among contemporary painters in the Southwest with his unique style and technique.

His paintings have won the recognition and praise of his peers, critics and collectors alike. In 1989 and again in 2004, Acheff was awarded the Prix de West at the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center in Oklahoma City.

His exceptional paintings are included in prominent private and public collections throughout the United States.