29 X 29 INCHES

Vladislav Zilius


He was born in 1939. May 13 In Wilson, in the district of Sheales. He studied at the Telsiai Art School in 1964. Lithuanian Art Institute completed graphic studies. 1965

He taught drawing at the MK Ciurlionis School of Art, 1972 - at the Vilnius Institute of Civil Engineering. Later he worked as the editor of the publishing house "Vaga", editor of the art publications, editor of the publishing house "Mintis". the artist He has created series of engraving ("The legends of Vilnius", "The Tail"), ex librises, drawings, paintings. Illustrated books, painted a movie "Feelings." J. Stavinskis's play "Spookio valanda" (Klaip?da Drama Theater). 1964-1976 participated in graphic art exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad (in international biennials in Malbork, Krakow, Barcelona). 1965, 1966, 1970, 1974 held individual exhibitions in Vilnius, among them unofficial paintings. One of the interviews with V. Žilys and a group of other artists was said "it's really stubborn gifted modernists who have not lived up to the Soviet system. Their exhibitions in the 1960s took place only in private, mostly private spaces. At that time, their work really went from hand to hand."

1974 V. Zilius was accused of formalism and expelled from the Lithuanian Artists' Union. The painter wrote to Peter Grishkiewicz, the first secretary of the Communist Party Central Committee, at the time: " All my creative work since 1965. to this day, official authorities are regarded as "formalism", which does not meet the requirements of so-called socialist realism. As a result, I am constantly being subjected to moral and material discrimination, and I am not allowed to exhibit my paintings in official exhibitions in Lithuania and elsewhere.

The profanation and isolation of my work, as well as the general falce and frustration of cultural and creative life in Lithuania, finally convinced me that my further creative activity in the homeland would not make sense. For me, as a man and artist, the profoundly alien and illogical principles of so-called socialist realism. In my opinion, they vulgarize the creative activity of man, make it a post, useful and comfortable government. The dogmatism of socialism, the negation of all other concepts of creativity, also prevents the manifestation of the individual creative thought.

Violence is alien to my nature, regardless of what high ideals it would justify and cover itself. So, in the future, I am not inclined to obey any management of my work. I also do not agree that the problems of the society are decided and appreciated by the officials, often without the basic understanding of this. Thus, the spiritual life of the land is falsified and impoverished. "
1976 finally, after receiving the permit, the artist emigrated to the USA, New York. Here, the monthly cultural magazine "Aidai" wrote: "Vladas Žilius is young (born 1939), but a well-advanced artist - a dissident, arrived three years ago from occupied Lithuania and is based in New York. His abstract paintings feature dramatic force, subtle texture, colorfulness and a perfectly balanced design. The artist creates a lot of oil, but likes watercolor and graphics. All creativity expresses cosmic forms and rhythms and can be called philosophical.

Vladas Zilius has exhibited his exhibitions in Vilnius in 1966, 1968, 1971, and in 1974. Also in 1976 Chicago, Los Angeles, 1977 New York. He has also participated in group graphics exhibitions in Moscow, Warsaw, Krakow, Sofia, Amsterdam, Barcelona and in 1977. with paintings: Washington International Art Fair ART 77, Jane Haslem and B. David (graphics) in galleries, Arts Club of Washington, Kiplinger Editors Building and Marvin Center. "

1978-1991 V. Zilius worked in the international advertising design studio. Participated in group exhibitions in the USA, Canada, and Lithuania (mainly with painting), held numerous individual exhibitions: in Chicago (1977), New York (1981, 1984, 1999, 2001, 2004), after the regaining of Lithuania's independence in Vilnius, at the Center for Contemporary Art and the Gallery "Gates "(1993, 1994). Since 1995 created reliefs, spatial sculptures made of wood, synthetic glass and metal.

The artist very much wanted to return to the homeland, dreamed of returning to his fatherland a haystack to his home and "he will grow a carrot loaf". Unfortunately, the vandals devastated their parents' homesteads, which left only skeletons, and in their letters disappointed wrote: "There is no longer my childhood homestead. (...) And the same militants returned to Lithuania's power today. "
V. Zilius's works include Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, National MK ?iurlionis Art Museum, other Lithuanian museums, and private individuals.

Stylistically, V. Ziilius's work is multifaceted - varies between abstract socialism, often biomorphic, and popart, sometimes with the help of oparto effects. The artist did not shy away from the bright, synthetic - alien to the traditional tradition of expressive coloring to the Lithuanian art tradition - colors, often used shiny colors, created collage, spatial structures, and subtle and ironic kicks. His artistic mentality is unique, without analogues in the context of Lithuanian art. V. Zilius really walked on his authentic, unforgettable creative path.