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Puig was born in Mataró , Province of Barcelona , Spain on October 11, 1882.

Being very young, he emigrated to Uruguay where he became a legal citizen.

In 1906 he traveled to Europe to study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich , with Professor Franz von Stuck and then in Paris with Professor Fernand Cormon .

After a brief period of work in Madrid and Rome he returned to Uruguay where he dedicated himself to his art and teaching.

His last years are spent painting and teaching in Buenos Aires, where he died on June 25, 1965.

He was professor and one of the leaders of the Círculo de Bellas Artes of Montevideo and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Among his best-known students are the artists José Luis Zorrilla de San Martín , Antonio Pena , Ides Kihlen, María Freire, José Pedro Costigliolo , José Antonio Fernandez-Muro, Petrona Viera, Sarah Grilo, Dolcey Schenone Puig and Humberto Causa .

Chiron El Centauro by Vicente Puig

His works were recognized with numerous awards and the permanence of his works in various museums. In 1918, together with his disciple Antonio Pena, he obtained the First Prize in the Contest for the decorative paneau of the Faculty of Medicine of Montevideo. This admired work (5.90x4.10 meters) is titled Chiron the Centaur Dictates the First Therapeutic Treaty , and is located in the foyer of the upper floor of the building of this Faculty.

Puig was devoted mainly to the portrait and the human figure, although he was also a landscape painter and decorator. Many of his works represent female figures. One of his most important works is called Coqueta (oil on canvas, 116x89 cm made in 1924), and is part of the permanent exhibition of the National Museum of Visual Arts in Montevideo Uruguay.

In Argentina he received a Gold Medal in the Exhibition of Argentine Decorative Art (1932), Gold Medal in the Municipal Hall (1927), the Foreign Artists Award (1926), and the Foreign Artists Award in the Salon Primavera Argentino (1930).

Vicente Puig was declared "Son Dilecto" of Barcelona in 1950