21.75 X 14.25 INCHES

Robert Green


Green earned a BA from the Carnegie Institute of Technology in 1931, and a Master Of Fine Arts from Yale University in 1935. In 1935-38.

He won the  Prix de Rome fellowship at the American Academy in Rome and studied Buon Fresco with Ferrussio Ferrazzi. While there he won the AAR Alumni Medal for Collaboration, and stayed a third year.  

He began teaching art at the University of Kansas in 1946 and continued there until he retired as Professor Emeritus of Art in 1979.

Green painted almost daily for most of his life and while known primarily for his watercolors, he explored a wide range of styles and subject, from cubism to still life to plain-air landscape painting. His later work has been a unique blend of highly detailed and accurate botanical images with the meditative aspects of Zen painting. 

His work is prominently featured in the collection of the Spencer Museum Of Art at the University Of Kansas, the Kenneth Burgess Collection in South Pasadena and numerous private and public collections. 

The highlight of his career came in 1995, when the Smithsonian Institution decided to acquire eight of his works for its American Art Museum collection. Green died Feb. 2007 at the age of 97.