FRANCE, C.1925

22 X 18 INCHES

Paul-Alex Deschmacher

Paul-Alex Deschmacher was born in Roubaix in the north of France in 1889. He was recognized early for his talents, and won a rare gold medal in the capitol of Flanders. He was awarded a grant to study in Paris at l'Ecole des Beaux Arts; his first particapation at the Salon d'Automne was while he was still a student there. Though his grant was for four years, he was only able to stay for two years. He wanted to join the army but was rejected; he had very poor eyesight and wore glasses.

Deschermacher returned to Roubaix, and remained there during the war. He was offered a position at l'Ecole Nationale des Arts et Industries Textile de Roubaix where he had been a student there not long before and was able to bring his more modern Paris experience to the position.

Deschmacher's first gallery exhibition was at Allard Galerie in Paris in 1924. He exhibited at the Salon des Tuileries beginning in 1927, and he also exhibited at the Salon d'Automne. He lived and worked for fifty years in a spacious apartment in Montmartre not far from Pigalle.

Deschmacher was a modernist and a dreamer; his subjects and compositions were well fitted to Art Deco Paris between the wars. Classical yet modern, colorful yet composed, he created a certain lyrical mood. His women were strong, goddess like, and often peered back at the observer.

The Musée de Roubaix mounted a retrospective of his paintings in 1986. The exhibit included over two hundred works, and shows a style and depth that give credit to the accomplishments of the artist.