FRENCH, 2023


24 X 36 INCHES


Pascal Jarrion was born in Perpignan, France, in 1961, a region known for its Catalan culture and an area that has influenced many artists before him, including Picasso, Van Gogh, and Maillol.

After attending fine arts school at Les Beaux Arts de Perpignan, Pascal decided to take natural talent in painting, and also his love of fine art and tattooing, to London, where there were chances for a career that was not available in France at the time.

Pascal first opened a small tattoo studio and spent the next six years refining his craft. He felt he had something new and powerful to offer. He only worked from his own designs, beginning with detailed drawings and paintings, to give his clients something original and timeless. Slowly, Pascal began to develop a style unique in the tattoo industry, a mix of cubism, Art Deco, and classical art. This genre has distinguished him in the field, and he earned an international reputation with clients worldwide.

Today, Pascal satisfies his creative energy by painting and sculpting, which have always been his real passions. He enjoys working in many different mediums: oil on canvas, mixed media, ceramic sculptures with hand-patinated finishes, as well as bronze. This has led to exhibiting in group and solo shows, including:

         Quest for Impact - BTAG, Barcelona, 2002

         Japan Je T'Adore - The Ghetto, Tokyo, Japan, 2008

         Purity In Motion - Sacred Gallery, NYC 2011

         Art by Pascal Jarrion - JNA Gallery, Santa Monica, CA 2014

         Tattoo Art Today - Somerset House, London, 2014

Inspired by classic themes and subjects, including the female nude, music, myth, and romanticism, his artwork conveys emotion and movement, breaking down form and spatial relationships in a way that leads one’s eye through his creation. Like a visual poem, it can take time to decipher. As he explains, "I'm always looking for the clarity of lines and how to capture light into the depth of volume while trying to achieve a fusion of purity with complexity."

Since moving to Los Angeles in 2005, Pascal has focused more of his time on this, his first love, which has resulted in the production of some of his finest work. His objective now is to continue putting forth his vision of subdued color, strong lines, and internal movement in the production of these immediately classic abstracts as he pursues his singular career in fine art.