39.5 X 32 INCHES

Nicolas Poliakoff


Born in Ukraine on July 22, 1899, he first trained at the School of Fine Arts in Belgrade (Yugoslavia), which he attended from October 1921 to July 1925. In October 1925, he arrived in Paris where he became a student of André Lhote in his Academy of Painting.

From 1926, he is massier of this Academy and assistant of André Lhote until the death of this one in 1962.

In 1933 he made three gouaches to illustrate a manuscript calligraphy by Gudio Colucci f the new "A crime" by Ivan Bounine..

Until 1965, he is professor of painting at the Academy.

From the 1930s until his death he lived in Paris in the Montparnasse district. His ashes rest in the cemetary Père-Lachaise in Paris.


  • 1926: Gallery A. Drouant
  • 1941: Gallery Montagnac
  • 1936: Castelucho-Diana Gallery
  • 1943: Gallery A. Drouant
  • 1959: Artists' Home
  • 1962: Gallery of the Vieux Colombier


  • 1929: Belgrade (Yugoslavia)
  • 1930: Boston (United States)

Collective exhibits:

  • 1926, 1927, 1928: Autumn Salon, Paris.
  • 1926 to 1976: Salon of Independent Artists in Paris (" Catalog raisonné Salon des Independants 1884-2000" - Jean Monneret )
  • 1926: André Lhote Academy exhibition at the Rite of Spring in Paris
  • 1927: exhibition André Lhote and his pupils , Claridge Gallery, London
  • 1937: Exhibition of Montparnasse artists at the Galerie Pittoresque, 133, boulevard Raspail (with other students of André Lhote)
  • 1961: exhibition The Russian painters of the School of Paris at the House of the French Thought (exhibiting artists: Adlen, Akopian, Andreenko, Androussov, Annenkov, Benn, Blatas, Blond, Boberman, Bogratchew, Chagall, Chapiro, Charchoune , Chwat, Constant, Constant Judith, Delaunay Sonia, Dmitrienko, Garbell, Ghera, Goncharova, Granovsky, Grimm, Hossiasson, Hueck, Issayev, Ivanoff, Kandinsky, Kikoin, Konstan, Kovner, Kremena, Lanskoy, Larionov, Lubich, Mane- Katz, Michonze, Milshtein, Morhange, Naiditch, Nilus, Orloff, Pailes, Petrova-Light, Pikelny, Poliakoff Serge, Poliakoff Nicholas, Pougny, Rakine, Segal, Soutine, Stael, Staritsky, Sterling, Survage, Tamari, Chernivsky, Tereshkovich , Volovick, Zack, Zadkine)