GERMAN, C.1950

39 X 35 INCHES

Ingfried Paul Henze Morro


Henze initially studied at the Leipziger Kunstakademie (Leipzig Art Academy) and also at the Leipziger Kunstgewerbeschule (Leipzig School of Applied Arts) under Prof. and Director Erich Gruner (German, 1881-1966), Karl Miersch (German, 1894-1964) and with R. Lange before the start of WWII.

In the late 1930's while still a student, Henze discovered his love for jazz music and became a member of the infamous nationally known jazzclub called the Hot Club of Leipzig (HCL for short). At that time, the informal activities of the HCL were considered illegal under the Nazi regime, but many jazz greats later emerged from the HCL jazzclub.

In the early 1940's, Henze served in the German Wehrmacht and served in WWII as a pilot in the Luftwaffe. He was later captured by the Americans and imprisoned at Bad Reichenhall in Upper Bavaria until 1945 when he was subsequently released.

After the War from 1945-50, Henze continued his studies at the Kunstakademie München (Art Academy of Munich) under Prof. Adolf Schinnerer (German, 1876-1949) and Prof. Hans Gött (German, 1883-1974), and he soon become Gött's protégé.

After his studies, he worked for an art dealer for a short time and also traveled and painted extensively throughout Europe.

He soon settled in Tangier, Morocco for a brief time, and later resided in Paris where he maintained a studio. He eventually settled in Northern Italy in the Veronese territory of Caprino on Lake Garda.

Since the 1950's, Henze has had many successful exhibits in Munich, Dusseldorf, Vienna, London, Stockholm, Paris, and Verona.

He also exhibited internationally throughout the United States in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Detroit, and in various other countries to include Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and Havana, Cuba.