FRANCE, C.1925

25 X 19 INCHES


Milivoy Uzelac
Born 1897

Milivoy Uzelac was born on July 27, 1897 in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Yugoslavia. He studied with Jan Preisler at the Académie of Beaux-Arts in Prague.

Beginning in 1922 Uzelac exhibited at the Salons des Indépendants, Salons d’Automne, and Salons des Tuileries. The French avant-garde artists with whom Uzelac exhibited influenced the development of his work. In 1946 he exhibited at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. This group exhibition was organized by the United Nations and traveled to museums in Brussels, London, Amsterdam, Zagreb and Belgrade.

Uzelac illustrated Requiem by Serge Essenine, La Rencontre by Pascal de François Maurice, Le Moyen de parvenir by Béroalde de Verville and many other publications.

Uzelac is known for his figurative paintings as well as nudes. His style was appealing and purely modern. He did a series of lithographs depicting a variety of sports and also worked as an illustrator and sculptor.