30 X 10 INCHES

Mildred Lapson Stevens


Lapson was born in New York, she was known as a Painter, teacher, lecturer, writer, screenprinter

Mrs. Stevens, who signs her work with her maiden name, Mildred Lapson, was born in New York and began her art education at the High School of Music and Art in that city, later attending the University of California at Los Angeles and the Jepson Art Institute in Los Angeles, after winning and completing scholarship studies at the Brooklyn Museum of Art School, the American School of Design in New York, and Art Student’s League in New York.

Besides winning numerous awards, being represented in ‘Who’s Who in American Women’ and ‘Who’s Who in American Art’ her activities also included free lance commercial art work, fashion illustration, textile designing and brochure designing, and layouts for the Columbia Broadcasting System. She is now an art instructor at Pasadena City College.

Frode Dann, well-known art critic, says of Mrs. Stevens, ‘Miss Lapson’s technical dexterity is well known, but her venture into satirical figure paintings reveals a new aspect of her artistic versatility. If a person draws well, thinks much, and feels keenly, and if a sharp sense of humor is combined with sharp observation, in such a person something extraordinary is bound to happen. Such painting, no matter what one’s aesthetic persuasion might be, cannot fail to register acclaim for their subtle satire. Her landscapes stand out by their abstract discipline, and her serious still lifes disclose deep reverence and symbolic meaning.’”