GERMAN, C.1940

39 X 31 INCHES

Marcel von Herrfeld, born in 1889, was a son of Alice Herrfeldt and the Spanish painter of nudes Luis Ricardo Falero (1851-1896) who worked in Paris.

Marcel went to school in Munich, Germany and began his education at the Kunstgewerbeschule München during the time of the Art Nouveau movement.\

As an Austrian-Hungarian reserve officer he had to take part in the first world war, was captured in Russia, was sent to prison in Siberia and escaped via China and India to Munich.

The works of the famous painter Franz von Stuck in Munich influenced the young Herrfeldt. His first exhibition in 1921 at the Glaspalace in Munich was a success.

He showed a nude portrait of a female slave which attracted much attention. His studio was in Schwabing. His favorite subject to paint was the erotic female nude, which he didn´t paint in an academically aesthetical way but more along the pin-up-culture of painting.

His women are athletic and self confident figures who present themselves at seashore or in classical poses of the Rokoko in the historical surroundings of a boudoir. Herrfeldt died 1965 in Munich. He received the Diplome d´honneur posthumously in 1971.