18 X 21.75 INCHES


Magie Hering was born in San Paulo, Brazil.

She exhibited extensively in Latin America and in New York City.

The following is a traslation from Portuguese, from an exhibition at the Galeria Sergio Caribé.

Magie developed her interest in art as a teenager, directing her attention primarily to painting.

She sought knowledge at the Pan American School of Art , where he studied drawing, painting and advertising and at the Escola Brasil de Arte
The artist found her identity and accurate painting technique in 1979, when she met the Russian plastic artist Elena Nikitina , with whom she studied for 3 years.

Her earliest works were aimed at re-creating human figures and still life.

In the early 1980s, she exhibited her work at a press conference, at the Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo and at the Lazio Art Gallery, at Shopping Vitrine, alongside Jota Zanelatto, Citron, Sergio Niculitcheff and Walter Minhoz.
This last one unfolded in another exhibition, this time in Atelier I Gallery, also in São Paulo.

Her technique developed around the human figure, portraits and nudes, using charcoal on paper and oil on canvas.
Over time, her paintings became more abstract and the artist began to use acrylic paint on canvas, often leaving the brushes aside to paint only with her fingers.

Frequent travel began to inspire.

Magie learned to photograph and began to record everything that was strange to her, that bothered her in some way or drew her attention.

"... when I look at the viewfinder of the camera, I isolate myself from the world, I abstract myself completely, I do not hear anything. Then I'll click ... "

Another mark in the artist's work are the bicycles, always present in her inspirations.
In practice, his works are cuts of reality, fruits of his experience and perception of the world, filtered by his emotions, as if they created another universe.