36 X 36 INCHES

Kunimi Terada

Kunimi Terada Is a native of Japan, She graduated from Musashino Art University, Tokyo Japan.

She moved to the United States 1964. She has participated in many exhibitions.

Group and Solo Exhibitions:

2016 "LELA" Group Show, Park View Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2013 LAartcore "Tandem-Solo Exhibit" Loa Angeles, CA

2012 LAartcore, "Group Drawing Show",Los Angeles, CA

2009 ADC Contemporary Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2005 LELA(Lantern of the East) Art Exhibition, Pyong Taek, Korea

2005 Nagasaki No. 27* Peace Show

2005 "Asto Museum", Los Angeles, CA

2005 "Museo del Historico", "Museo del Puerto", "The Galleria Angel"

Ensenada, Mexico

2005 "Solo Show", Libby's Vintage Home & Garden Silver Lake, CA

2005 14* Lantern of the East International Art Festival, Thailand


2"d Annual LELA (Lantern of the East in Los Angeles) Art Exhibition, Modern Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2004 International Peace Exhibition, Nagasaki Museum, Nagasaki, Japan

2004 LELA Art Exhibition, Pyong Taek, Korea

2003 LELA Inaugural Show, Modern Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


"Seeing Red", Group Show, Angels Gate, San Pedro, CA

2002 Group Show, Aries Gallery, Burbank, CA

1997 Brewery Art Walk, Downtown, Los Angeles CA

1996 "Five Man Show", L.A. County Museum Rental and Sales Gallery

Los Angeles, CA

1995 "Art Walk and Talk"

", The Beys Garden, Santa Monica CA

1994 - present: L.A. County Museum Rental and Sales Gallery, CA

1994 "6th Street Show", Santa Monica,

Artist Statement:

The basis of my work is improvisation. The beginning of a painting is a loose and free application of colors, without a too deliberate plan. As I work, shapes begin to emerge which I then persuade into a composition which suggests itself. Decisions are made spontaneously, and what seems accidental at first becomes part of an order that arises from what I see on the canvas.

There are areas of color that arrange themselves within boundaries that align, dissolve, disappear and reappear. A structure emerges that is an orchestration of colors, textures and shapes, forming a dialogue among themselves that soon becomes an image, specific but abstract. There is a • story to be told, and I listen with my eyes. A harmony unfolds, pleasing to my vision, but filled with notes of dissonance and subtle tension.

Later, what I have found changes, evolves, and becomes more defined. I discard some elements, adding others, always paying attention to the overall harmony and unity. There is always the mysterious and inevitable unfolding of a secret music that makes each canvas different from ones that have gone before. Intuition works along with conscious choice. If all goes right, the result is a visual music composed of colors, lines and shapes which combine to create a specific mood, a place in which thought, sensation and feeling can arrive together to bring forth a new picture.