44 X 21.75 INCHES

Jorge Noceda Sanchez


Sanchez was a diplomat and painter from the Dominican Republic whose work has been collected by museums throughout the world.

He received a medical degree from the University of Santo Domingo in 1952. Upon graduation Sanchez moved to New York City to specialize in gastroenterology at New York University.

However, he quickly became absorbed with painting, his newfound passion. Initially self-taught, his talent developed rapidly.

Sanchez presented exhibitions in Washington Square in 1955, winning the prize Boardman Neil, and New York, won two awards Murray Hill Show. He was chosen for the exhibition "Art USA" at Madison Square of New York.

In 1955 he had his first exhibition in New York City and won the Neil Boardman Award for his painting titled The Lost Dice.

In 1956, Sanchez enrolled at the National Academy of Fine Arts in New York City, where he received instruction from French and American artists, including Robert Philip and René Bouché, he also studied at the Museum of Modern Art In New York.

Shancez's technique, magnificent color sense, and whimsical style received immediate critical acclaim at exhibitions in New York City; Havana; and Santo Domingo; and later in Paris; Washington, D.C and Mexico City.

In 1957 he received an invitation to show in the Palace of Fine Art in Ciudad Trujillo in the Dominican Republic. When he returned to New York in that year he won first prize in the Murray Hill Press Exhibit and the Grumbacher Award for painting in 1957.

After his exhibition in Madrid in 1958 the Museum of Contemporary Art added two of his works to their permanent collection.

By 1959, Sanchez decided to leave medicine and focus on his artwork. That year, he embarked on a world tour, which brought him international recognition. During his tour, he exhibited in Tokyo, Hong Kong, New Delhi, Tel Aviv, Athens, and Rome and at the Royal Academy in London.

In 1960, he won a Gold Medal Award at the Biennial in São Paulo, Brazil. He also has exhibited in the National Fine Arts Biennials. X Biennial in 1960 awarded an Honorable Mention its "Sentinel" oil painting. He has also exhibited in Havana, Madrid, and Rome, and Japan, at the invitation of the National Museum in Ueno, Tokyo.

In 1964, the Dominican Republic appointed Sanchez cultural attaché of the Dominican Republic in Tokyo, Japan.

In 1966, Sanchez became the first Dominican painter to exhibit at the Association Fraternal Latinoamericano.

He later exhibited at Galleria 88 in Rome; the Federal Reserve in Washington, D.C and galleries in New York City, including the Caravan Gallery, Hammer Gallery, and in 1975 at the Gallery, which featured the premier surrealist artists including Max Ernst, Yves Tanguy and René Magritte.

He later returned to Miami.


Muisée National d'Art Moderne, Paris, France

National Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan

Museum of Contemporary Art, Madrid, Spain

Palace of Fine Arts, Mexico City, Mexico

Palace of Fine Arts, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Palace of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba

Ethnological Museum, Berlin, Germany