MEXICO, C.1965

47 X 31.5 INCHES


Jorge Flores

(Jorge Flores Escalante)


Flores was a painter, muralist and print maker. He was born in Durango, Mexico in 1934.

He joined the National School of Plastic Arts of the Autonomous University of Mexico in 1958. He became a member of the notable Francisco Goitia group of Mexican artists.

In 1973 he collaborated on the Don Quixote in the twentieth century, Polyforum Siqueiros Cultural Center.

He created the mural for the Senate of Mexico’s permanent Exposition at NASA.

Flores became director of the prestigious workshop of David Alfaro Siqueiros, where he worked for more than four years and collaborated on important restoration of works by the master.

Flores was one of many prominent artists who fought for the preservation of the art and architectural landmark, the Casino of the Jungle in Cuernavaca Mexico. The property was bought for development by a multinational company (Costco of Mexico) and eventually destroyed with the condition that a museum would be built to occupy part of the commercial development.

Flores collaborated on the creation of the museum including the moving and restoration of the original murals. Within its buildings and halls were magnificent signed works by these historically renown artists: Josep Renau de la Hispanidad, Jose Reyes Meza, Guillermo Ceniceros, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Jorge Flores, Francisco Icaza and Jorge González Camarena amoung others.