40 X 36 INCHES

Janet Snitkovsky


Janet Snitkovsky was born in Chernyakhiv, Ukraine in 1934 and began doing art

as a child, but her creativity was temporarily stopped by WWII. After the war, she began her artistic pursiut in high school and eventually enrolled in L’viv Art Academy where she majored in textile design. Having graduated  Magna Cum Laude with an equivalent of an MA in Fine Arts, the artist began creating murals for buildings, doing church fresco restorative works and mosaics while, at the same time, pursuing such diverse interests as oils, graphics and linoleum carvings.


She later moved to Russia in the 1960’s, where she was commissioned to create large murals and mosaics for buildings, and participated in many exhibitions there. Her works are still in several museums in the country, particularly in such cities as Tula, Ryazan, Moscow and Kaluga.  She was also a winner of a gold medal at an exhibition at the capital.


The Baltic countries would often buy her linoleum carvings to decorate local cruise ships. Her works were also sent by the government to be exhibited in France, Sweden, Italy, Egypt and Brazil.


In 1978, Janet, along with her husband and son, emigrated to the USA. On her way to America, she exhibited in Italy where she met Marc Chagall personally.

 In this country, she began exhibiting in such Manhattan galleries as Maraya, Tanisia, Nakhamkin and Bezalel Art as well as made appearances on TV at First Estate by NBC and at the New York Art Expo at the Coliseum. The artist, often working in a team with her husband, sold at Southeby’s and Christie’s auctions.  At the same time, her art was noticed by some major private collectors who began commissioning it for their own residences and collections.


She moved to Los Angeles in 1985 and, some years later, began exhibiting with Dyansen Art gallery and Shelly Dorf Art gallery in Beverly Hills.  At the same time, she continued working with major auctions, private collectors in New York and also, sold her works at Roy Miles Gallery in London. Her ( and her husband’s) works were exhibited at the Mongeron Museum in Paris, and Norton Dodge Art Museum in Washington DC.


Janet became an American citizen in 1987.


In 1991, the artist moved to Palm Springs, California and continued making art from this new location for provate collectors. She  also participated in exhibits on Al Paseo in this city.


Presently, the artist is still painting full time and selling to various private collections.


She is also gearing to participate in an exhibition at Avivson Art Gallery in London this year.