Hyacinthe Kuller Baron

20th Century

Hyacinthe Kuller Baron,New York Artist in San Diego, CA. Celebrating a 50 year career as a professional artist, pioneered the concept of the artist showcase art gallery on Madison Avenue, Rodeo Drive, BH, and other art centers nationwide.

Her creations have been exhibited and sold at Harrods, London, Best International, Japan, and fine art galleries and major department stores world wide. Hyacinthe is a painter, lithographer,sculptor, fashion and home furnishings designer, published author of 12 books, poet, produced playright, editor and filmaker.

Hyacinthe Kuller Baron is essentially self taught, a child prodigy and living proof of the artistic nature inherent in all of us.T hroughout the 60's and to the present day her art has been widely collected by Public and Private institutions and celebrities: Marilyn Monroe, Jacqueline Onassis, Martha Raye, etc.

Hyacinthe attended the High School of Music & Art in NYC and as the youngest student ever admitted to adult classes at the The Art Students League on 57th Street at age nine, studied briefly with Frank Mason, Jose DeKreeft, Chaim Gross.

In Greenwich Village Hyacinthe associated with Jackson Pollock, Wilhelm DeKooning and other artists of the time and was mentored by Marcel Duchamp quoted as declaring: "Hyacinthe is to be the heir to Michelangelo and Rubens. Hyacinthe's draftsmanship is natural and superb".

Inspired by Andre Malraux and his concept of the Museum Without Walls, she worked directly with Pratt Institute to establish their School Without Walls program.

Hyacinthe developed the "Making Your Mark" technique and lectured and taught even the blind to draw.
Mentored by Halston and Charles James, the Hyacinthe hand painted silk collection became a celebrity favorite and sold out in department stores world wide as did Hyacinthe's collaborations with Oscar DeLaRenta, Mary McFadden, Diane Von Furstenberg, Calvin Klein