42 X 72 INCHES

Gunnar Erman
20th Century

Gunnar Erman was born and raised in Sweden.

He studied under some of Sweden’s foremost artists, Bestil Landelius, from Malmo, and Franz Lundberg from Goteborg.

After grauduating from Konsthogskolan in Stockholm he began his career as a decorator for well-known interior designers in Sweden and Denamrk.

Gunnar and his wife Danuta exhibited throughout much of Europe and in the United States. They exhibited at the Laguna Art Festival, International Art Exhibit in Las Vegas, and Santa Monica California Art Festival. The Los Angeles Times praised his work, and his paintings have been seen in films and TV and grace several restaurants banks and hotels.

One of his most well known art work pieces is a 36 foot painting which adorns the main wall of the Terrace Dining room in the Palm Springs Hilton.

Artist’s quote: "On an emotional and aesthetic level, I have tried to catch a lifetime in a moment of time by releasing color on canvas and texture upon texture with a flash of passion to evoke an immediate response.”

Gunnar Erman had been living in the Palm Springs area for the last 30-40 years in recently in Rancho Mirage.

He passed away this year at 86.