35.5 X 31.75 INCHES


1926, born in Yerevan.

In 1945 he graduated from art college, named after P.Terlemezian (Yerevan).

In 1951 he graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts and Drama (Yerevan).

Repeated laureate of republican, all-union and international rewards.

Since 1961 he was Honored Artist of Armenia.

Since 1963 he was Honored Art Worker of Armenia.

Since 1967 he was People’s Artist of Armenia.

1969 he was awarded USSR State Prize.

Since 1973 he was a full member of the Academy of Sciences for the USSR.

Since 1982 he was a corresponding member of the Academy of Science for Armenia.

Since 1983 he was People’s artist of the USSR.

He was awarded State Prize of Armenia. He was as engaged both in painting and graphics (Parisian, Italian, Spanish, Mexican series).

He illustrated a number of prices of the classic literature: H.Toumanin’s poem “Sakko from Lori”, “Davit of Sassun”, Kh.Abovian’s romance “Wounds of Armenia”, P.Sevak’s and G.Emin’s poems “The unceasing belfry” and “The Sassoun Dance”, etc. 1981 – made monumental multi-figured pasteboards for “Vardanank” and “Armenian alphabet” tapestries. 1990 – was elected a member of the Science Academy of Armenia. 2000.

He died in Yerevan.

Personal exhibitions: 1959 – Yerevan 1965 – Yerevan 1981 – Yerevan 1990 –

In thwe USA (Michigan, California, New Jersey) 2006 his exhibition was dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the artist (NGA,

His works are kept in Modern Art Museum (Yerevan), National Gallery of Armenia (Yerevan), funds of the Ministry of Culture for Armenia.