36 X 50 INCHES

Gertrude O'Moore

Born c.1910


O’Moore was Portrait painter, illustrator and art teacher; she was a well-known artist in Bakersfield, California.

Active during the halcyon days of American illustration art, she was well respected and liked for her works embracing the ideal American life.

The local paper in 1940 stated that O’Moore paintings were selling at $125. (At that time the median salary was $1900 / year)

In November of 1943 Bakersfield California observed National Art Week with an exhibit of paintings, photography and silk-screen works by various artist including paintings by O’Moore, this was held at the El Tejon Hotel.

In 1944 O’Moore exhibited twenty paintings at Hotel El Tejon in Bakersfield, California, showing a verity of subjects including western scenes, landscapes and portraits. She painted a portrait of Will Rogers that hung in Cawelo, California. Also in that year she exhibited her works to the public at her home according to an announcement in the Bakersfield Californian newspaper, in her home she also held classes and lectures on art.

In 1950, under her married name Gertrude O’Moore Whitt she exhibited a series of religious paintings in Corona, California. At this time she was living with her husband Grover and her son on Erskine Creek in the Kern River Valley.

The painting “The Kite Maker” is listed in achieves of the Library of Congress as presented on June 5, 1941. Later that year the painting was exhibited in the window of Minner’s Furniture Store on Baker Street in Bakersfield.