Ramón Valdés Fausto

Pinar del Río, Novembre 28, 1911

Signature: Fausto Ramos

Sculptor draftsman painter and professor

Lived and worked in Havana



1928 -1934 Graduated in sculpture, School of Plastic Arts, San Alejandro, La Habana

1937 Graduated in painting, School of Plastic Arts, San Alejandro, La Habana

1953 Graduated in industrial artistic carving, School of Arts and Crafts, La Habana



1945 - 1958 founder and director of the School of Plastic Arts of Pinar del Río.

1955 member of Punta Pinar del Rio group

1962 sculpture advisor, National Union of Education and Science,  La Habana,

Director San Alejandro Plastic Arts School

1965- 1970 director of Clara Zetkin carving school, La Habana,

1979 member and advisor 10 de octubre group, La Habana,

Member, Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba UNEAC

Member, Cuban Association of Craftsmen and Artists ACAA



1984 The last blight 23 and 12 Art Center, Ministry of Culture, La Habana

1985 Wood carvings, Plaza Vieja Gallery, La Habana


1935 national exhibition of painting and sculpture, provincial college of architects., La Habana, February 15

1943/1945/1946/1952/1956/1965 Salon of Fine Arts Circle of Fine Arts, La Habana

1943 III Municipal Exposition of Painting and Sculpture Municipal Palace, La Habana December 29 to January 20, 1944

1944 first salon Juan Bautista Vermay, salons of the Paraíso residential company, La Habana February 18

1946 Juan Bautista Vermay Salon, Society of Industrialists of Cuba, La Habana October 22 to 29

1946 III National Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture Salon of the Lost Steps, National Capitol, La Habana March 2 -17

1955 Permanent hall of plastic arts of Cuba Palace of Fine Arts, La Habana July 22

1956 VIII National Salon of Painting and Sculpture Palace of Fine Arts,  La Habana November 28 December 28

1957 Grupo Punta exhibits paintings and sculptures Pinar del Rio Women's Lyceum Pinar del Rio May 2- 15

1968 sculpture “100 years of struggle 1868-1968”, Galiano y Concordia art gallery, La Habana, October

1970 salon 70, National Museum, La Habana,  July September

1973 competition July 26, 20th anniversary salon, National Museum, La Habana, August 30

1979 National Salon of Plastic Arts UNEAC 78, La Habana,  January 7th

1979 collective workshop of plastic arts “10 de octubre”, La Habana, October

1982-1985 salon of the city provincial center of plastic arts and design, La Habana,

1983 the sculpture in the revolution National Museum, La Habana,  August

1984 “the forest and the fire” exhibition of sculptors, gallery of stained glass and columns, Cuban fund of cultural goods, La Habana, February

1991 homage exhibition at the provincial center of arts, Pinar del Río, April



1945 Honors mention 27th, Salon of Fine Arts, Fine Arts Circle, La Habana

1948 bronze medal 30th, Salon of Fine Arts, Fine Arts Circle, La Habana

1953 Mention in the Poster Contest, Second Hispano-American Biennial of Art, La Habana

1954 prize of 1000 pesos, VII National Salon of Fine Arts, Palace of Fine Arts, La Habana

1955 honorable mention, 36th Salon of Fine Arts, Fine Arts Circle, La Habana

1973 second prize San Alejandro, provincial salon of professors and art instructors, La Habana

1973 Honors mention, 26th of July contest, 20th anniversary salon of the National Museum, La Habana, August 30 



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Prayer, ca 1934

Woman kneeling, ca 1934

Plataneros, cast, ca 1942

Maternity, terracotta, ca 1943

Venus, terracotta, ca 1944

Modesty, terracotta, ca 1945

Woman with child, terracotta ca 1946

Woman, wood 1.22 x 0.25 x 0.25 m, ca 1951

West Indian Eve, sabicú ca 1955

Meditation, ebony ca 1956

Woman with arms raised, Naranjo ca 1956

Latin American guerrillero waiting, Júcaro 1973

Plant form, mangrove wood 1.25 x 0.15 x 0.15 m ca 1978

Gymnast, acana 74 x 9 cm ca 1982

Woman, Quiebrahacha wood, direct carving 72 x 5 x 5 x 5 cm ca 1982

Population growth, factor 1, wood, direct carving 1.20 x 0.20 x 0.16 m 1985



Bust of Domingo Ramo Viñales, Pinar del Río.

Maternity, Bauta, La Habana Province

The family, wood, 3 m

Hermanos Ameijeras Hospital, La Habana