ISRALI, C.1980

30 X 24 INCHES

Eliaz Slonim

Born 1958

Slonim studied at Avni Institute, Tel Aviv; he studied photography at Camera Obscura, Tel Aviv.

In 1984 - 85 he studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris.

Curatorial and critical studies at Camera Obscura, Tel Aviv and the Teffen Museum.

In 2003 he had a major exhibition Kunsthalle Kühlungsborn in Germany.

Quotes from that exhibition:

Eliaz Slonim is one of the most important contemporary painters and draughtsmen of Israel. With the title "Album", the artist emphasized the character of the memorial book, because the selected exhibits are a cross-section of different creative periods. Some of his works are reminiscent of the Viennese painter and graphic artist Egon Schiele. Other studies address stereotypical behavioral patterns of man. According to the artist, these schemata appear to have already been put into the cradle of man.

In the presence of representatives of the Embassy of Israel in Germany and of the World Jewish Congress, the exhibition was opened at the Kino am Kino in the Kulturbrauererei, Berlin.

A catalog with articles by the President of the German Bundestag, Wolfgang Thierse, the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, and the Ambassador of the State of Israel, Shimon Stein, was published. "The German capital is known far beyond the borders as a melting pot of cultures, religions and ways of life. That is why I am happy to welcome the Israeli artist Eliaz Slonim here.

Berlin lives from the cultural exchange and the now beginning exhibition of the FOUNDATION NEW CULTURE in the cultural brewing is in this context a remarkable event. " Wolfgang Thierse "Slonim, translated from Russian, elephant. No less so than Leonardo Da Vinci writes in his fables: 'The mighty elephant has of nature what is very rare among men: honorable, wise, and righteousness.' Noun est omen. In this sense we should learn from elephants and in this sense I wish the exhibition a lot of success ... " Klaus Wowereit


"My countryman, Eliaz Slonim is for me also a kind of other ambassador of Israel - one of the many prominent and unknown, visionary and very gripping bridge builders between states and peoples, between people of different cultural circles and worldly views." Shimon Stein "

A strategy discussion for a business presentation in Tel Aviv took place in the house of a friend in Brussels. This friend has a house full of miraculous works of art, especially those of Eliaz Slonim. During the meeting I was quickly unconcentrated and inattentive. A picture drew me into its spell. " Dr. Wolfram O. Martinsen

"Slonim's relationship to the work of Egon Schiele is deeper than the one or the other formal reminiscence. It is more the souls' relationship that touches the artist and has finally found him his own way. What makes his art seem so intense is probably, besides a distinctly individual style, the imperative of expression. " Gabriele Muschter