Edgar Zuniga

Born in Alajuela, Costa Rica in 1950. Edgar Zuniga is the half brother of Francisco Zuniga.

Has pursued his artistic career for over 39 years, mainly in the area of sculpture, with works in bronze, wood, marble, iron, steel and snow, with which he has held 21 Individual Shows Individuales and has participated in 43 collective shows, both nationally and internationally. Has alternated with pictorial work, with which he has held 3 Individual Shows an has participated in various Collective Shows.

His works can be found in the collections of personalities like Pope John Paul II, Queen Beatrice of Holland, The British Prime Foreign Relations Ministry, Mexican President Salinas de Gortari, Israel Prime Minister Shimon Perez, The Paraguayan Presiential Palace, among others.  Similarly, his works can be found in 7 Art Museums: Costa Rican Museum of Art (Costa Rica), Museum of Art and Contemporary Design (Costa Rica), Museum of Outdoors Contemporary Art (Costa Rica), Nichisawua Museum (Toluca, Mexico), Hickory Art Museum (North Carolina USA),  Art of the Americas Museum (OAS, Washington,USA),  Latinamerican Cultural Center and Art Museum (Seoul, Corea).

Has received Seven Prizes in Sculpture, six of these at an international level and of which two have been first prizes. Selected by the Art of the Americas Museum (OAS), in Washington D.C.; as well as by the Hickory Art Museum in North Carolina, for continental sculpture shows. Has been invited by the Israeli-Iberoamerican Cultural Center to the International Artist Encounter for 1996, held in Jerusalem; was recently selected to exhibit in the 2004 Visual Arts Olympics, held in Athens, Greece.

For many years, has promoted monumental urban sculpture at both the national and international levels, having creatyed to date over 38 large format works in different materials; an example of these includes 20 in Costa Rica and 16 in other countries like Mexico, Germany, France, Israel, United States, Brazil, Paraguay, Italy and Thailand. Similarly, 5 ephimeral sculptures in snow andd ice in Quebec, Montreal and Milwaukee.

During his initial period, dedicated to sacred sculpture, created over 150 pieces for catholic churches, mostly in a natural format and some monuments that are kept in temples and outdoor areas of Costa Rica and Central America.

In artistic circles, has participated in 17 International Monument Sculpture Simposiums and 8 International Sculpture Competitions.

Has been a founding member or member of the Board of 8 National and International art and culture organizations such as GRUPO ANDAMIO, ACA, SOMART, ANACC, COMAP, ANAP, APEC & AIESM.