FRANCE, C.1930

10 X 17 INCHES

Born  1888, in Romania; died  1947 or  1950.


Demetre Chiparus was a pupil of Jean Boucher and Marius Jean Antoine Mercié

He sculpted statuettes in the style of the period 1925-1930. A resurgence in taste for these works occurred in 1970. His subjects included dancers, acrobats, Oriental women and theatrical figures, and he was a leader in the genre. He worked using the chryselephantine technique which originally applied to gold and ivory, but adapted it to work in bronze and ivory. Though his bronzes were industrially cast, the ivory additions were sculpted individually and the statuettes were mounted on architecturally complex pedestals, carved in noble materials, such as marble or onyx. He showed at the Salon des Artistes Français between 1914 and 1928 receiving an honourable mention in 1914.