47.25 X 35.5 INCHES

Edaurdo Elizalde Brisuela was born in Cuba, in 1987. When he was 8 years old he moved to Costa Rica.

Early in his life he showed interest in drawing and with the atmosphere he had in his home with his artist mother he developed a deep passion for arts. 

After finishing the high school he studied graphic design and worked professionally as a designer for 12 years. 

In the summer of 2015 he went in to trip to Indonesia, and before returning to Costa Rica he spent a couple of weeks in Spain.

Something very important and significant happened in Madrid when he visited the Prado. When he stepped in front of Rembrandt, Velázquez, and other artists he felt something very powerful, his chest felt open, like a vortex. Speechless, and deeply touched after this experience he started painting.

After saving some money and with the support of his family, he went to study classical painting in the Angel Academy of art in Florence, Italy. The program of this school consists in three years of intense projects and hard work in the traditions of figurative painting of the old masters.

Eduardo, graduated not just with honors, but took him half of the time to accomplish this. Something that just two persons had accomplish in the 25 years of teaching of this academy. 

This training wasn't the end of his education, he is constantly studying old masters and new contemporary approaches researching and exploring new things.

Art for him is a platform with infinite possibilities. For him, his profession gives him the power to communicate, to inspire, to heal, and to spread understanding. He sais: ¨If I touched your mind or your heart with one of my paintings, then, I did a good job¨ For Eduardo art its not just about looking for aesthetic form, but to create metaphors that reaches places that no word can reach. 

Brisuela at 32 years old is full of enthusiasm and committed to his profession and vision. ¨I want to be a better person and artist each day, so I can touch more and more people and hopefully leave this place a little better than it was before¨