Born in 1942 Bernard Kim spent the first few years of his education studying with the renowned sculptor Kim Man Sul.

After 12 years of studying and honing his skills as a stone craftsman Bernard earned a scholarship to one of Americas most prominent art colleges. Studying in America gave Bernard greater scope to enable him to develop his curiosity and interest in the art of hand crafted stone sculpture.

For many years stone was the medium in which Bernard produced the majority of his work. It wasn’t until he was approached by his old mentor and teacher Kim Man Sul that his interests changed.

Kim had been commissioned to produce a life size copy of one of China’s national treasures the Boshinak Bell. Together Kim and Bernard completed the commission a commission that was to change Bernards feel for sculpture entirely. The medium for the project was Bronze. Here was a medium he could work in that could produce the high detail he was very much capable of.

The figurines could be intricate and complex or plain and simple. Bernard began to study further, studying the great bronze sculptors throughout history. No sculptor had a greater effect on his talents than the Swiss Sculptor Alberto Giacommetti. Alberto’s `Thin Man` collection in pure bronze gave inspiration for many of Bernard’s creations.

From 1995 onwards exhibitions of his work have been numerous. None more so than the awards he received for his work at the exhibitions at the Ideal Gallery in Florida USA and the Dae Ryung Gallery in New Jersey USA.